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I am a native Chinese woman living in the Pacific Northwest in the United States. My life is devoted to supporting individuals and groups around the world to embody a new culture that prioritizes healing, regeneration, and compassion, as well as forming alliances with Mother Earth as a living being.  

Through my writings, I share a fresh way of seeing, experiencing, and making sense of this world filled with violent crises, uncertainty along with marvelous opportunities. The insights I offer are woven with my personal stories and research into the Chinese oracle, the I Ching, known also as The Book of Changes, one of the oldest books in human history. I weave into this material my experimentations with resonance and synchronicity as a deeper nature of consciousness revealed by quantum sciences.

In my professional roles, I cofounded the Resonance Path Institute, and serve as faculty at Regenerative Health & Living Resonance MA/PhD Program at Ubiquity University, with an emphasis on Holistic Mental Health and Expressive Arts. I am the primary author of The Resonance Code - Empowering Leaders to Evolve Toward Wholeness.

I list my credentials above in case your mind needs to check me into a category. However, what I share here comes from a place in my heart and soul that existed well before the degrees and titles. It is in this place I heard Earth singing. It is in this place where I experience what my ancestors named a mysterious force called the Tao. It is also the place Rumi called the field beyond the rightdoing and wrongdoing. I believe it is also the place where our most luminous essence is waiting to be released into our individual lives.

From this place, I reveal myself as a raw human being, sharing my dreams and losses, ecstasies and pains, my insights and struggles while living a human life at this time of history.

It is the direct and raw response from your heart and soul that I am hoping to hear back!

There are three sections to this channel.

First section: Memoir. The memoir tells the story of how I derailed from a normal track of a conventional life, finding myself caught in the swirls of an intense social/geo-political conflict and a sweet bitter romantic entanglement. These unexpected twists and turns of life forced me to wake up from the spell of capitalism and colonization and return to the root of my native cultural heritage. In a quest to re-enliven the lost art of Taoist myth and magic, I embark on a journey to heal the trauma from colonization and patriarchy, reclaiming my birthright to live a more whole, enlivened and inter-connected life.

In navigating this wild journey, I formed an alliance with “Inter-Being”, the field of consciousness that holds the evolutionary potentials of all beings, human and non-human, as an interconnected whole. Inter-Being appears as the “Inner Sage” in the oracle I Ching. I learned to “communicate” with Inter-Being through the esoteric symbols illustrated by I Ching. Eventually Inter-Being led me to find the love of my life, Joe Shirley, with whom I co-founded the Resonance Path Institute. With the help of Joe and many colleagues and allies including a community in China, I created the Resonance Code system as a reimagination of I Ching through a modern Chinese woman’s perspective on social change and evolution.

This memoir weaves a tapestry of love, myth, power, sexuality, culture, psychology, and philosophical commentaries. It culminates in the story of Joe’s and my journey to bridge the deep chasm between Chinese and western, ancient and modern cultures in the context of our intimate, professional and creative partnership.

Earth Song is written in both Chinese and English. If you are a native Chinese reader and interested in reading the Chinese version, you may contact me for drafts.

Second Section: Essay. This section contains articles with topics covering Taoism, Chinese medicine, consciousness transformation, holistic healing, and regenerative culture and health practices. These articles are written as a response to what my students, clients and colleagues are experiencing in their journey to transform themselves and embody a more holistic, compassionate and regenerative culture while also living with the violent, exploitative and polarizing forces of the dominant cultural paradigm.   

Third Section: Songs. In this section, you will find songs that came as a gift from Inter-Being. I always had a secret longing to sing since I was a young girl, yet never had a chance until I was 41. I had held the belief that my voice was terrible, and I was too old to learn music.

I have chosen an untrodden path to walk in the world. Every day, I am facing the unknown and uncertainty. In 2014, at a peak moment of uncertainty and distress, a stream of synchronistic events guided me to meet my music teacher and spirit guide, Kaija, who taught me that music is a universal language native to humans and everyone is born to sing! Since then, songs have flown through me like a river. My songs are my most powerful ally as well as a playful companion who nourishes and comforts me, guiding me forward.

In 2023, ten of my songs were included in a documentary movie called Dancing with the Dead, featuring Red Pine, the well-known translator of Chinese classic poetry and spiritual sutra. This recognition of my musical expression reached beyond my wildest dreams.

Red Pine, movie director Ward Serrill, Spring Cheng, at the premiere of Dancing with the Dead in Port Townsend

Currently, one of the professional services I offer is Living Song mentorship, where I teach people how to discover the voices and songs from their own heart and soul.

As a Chinese Woman

Earth Song is my voice. It is also not just my voice. I am here with my feminine lineage behind me. I was born in China before industrialization. I immigrated to the US in my 20s. My father’s mother is a peasant woman who lived her entire life in a remote village hidden in the mountains of Szechuan Province. Following the ancient cultural custom at that time, when she was about ten, her mother broke both her feet and bound them into a deformed shape. She was married at 13, giving birth to thirteen children. Six of them perished before adulthood. She was illiterate.

My mother lived at a time when women were being liberated. She went to college and worked as a scientist in the Shanghai astronomical observatory, a part of the science academy of China. After work, she had to sew, knit, carry water from a well, make coal cake as fuel, and wash all the laundry by hand in sub-zero temperatures. I don’t remember seeing her ever have a moment of enjoyment to herself.

Grandmother: front row third from left. Spring: front row first on the left.
Family photo when Spring was eight

From my grandmother to me, within three generations, our relationship with the two thousand years of patriarchy has changed dramatically. The life of my grandmother, the pain she had bear every single day of her life, the sacrifice and struggle my mother made to become the first intellectual in her feminine lineage, and many untold stories of all my female ancestors, have converged into a torrential current that pulse in my chest and run through my veins, propelling me to blaze a new trail into uncharted territory throughout my life. As I write these words, I feel their eyes watch as they stand behind me at my desk.

There are about 660 million women in China, twice as many women as the population of the entire United States. About every one out of five people on Earth was given birth by a Chinese mother. However, these women’s voices are rarely heard in public forums, probably even less heard in the field of philosophy, consciousness and social healing. As Earth Mother rises to her power, Chinese women are also wakening to that voice that yearns to sing in their hearts. I have the privilege to be a mentor to many of them and work alongside them. I am proud to be one of them.

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If what you see here excite or intrigue you, I would like to hear from you. Feedback from readers are always like nutrients to the writer part of me.

Writing and publishing a book is still a new territory for me. If you feel moved by what you read here, and want to help me navigate the world of publishing, please reach out to me.

As I work toward publication of my next book, I am also seeking financial support to fund this creative endeavor. If you have connections or resources that you would like to contribute, please reach out to me!

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Spring Cheng, a Chinese American shares her journey to reimagine the oracle book I Ching, the Book of Change. As Spring weaves the ancient Tao with modern science, art and social healing, she weaves a web of wholeness, resonance and synchronicities.


Co-founder of Resonance Path Institute. Creator of the Resonance Code, a reimagination of the I Ching, an ancient Chinese cosmology. Faculty at the Regenerative Health and Living Resonance MA/PhD program at the Ubiquity University.
I help people create the ecosystems of support they need to thrive.